The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is used to keep track of the state of assets like products, systems, software, facilities used in company’s IT services and the connection between those components. CMDB works for a specific view of configuration data and checks the data from any desired perspective.


  • The Configuration Items (CI) to be identified and included in the CMDB.
  • Only authorized persons need to control data and can make changes due to security reasons.
  • Update the details of if any CI is recording consistently and keep reporting.
  • Check by audits and reviewed to make sure the data is accurate.



  • In Asset Management, mostly refer CMDB to know the association of assets with organizational entities.
  • The CMDB is useful to resolve spontaneously and analyze data on implemented assets.
  • Facilitates to associate incidents and problems to services and the resource groups.
  • Delivers necessary statistics on how efficiently accomplishes an agreement with a service client.
  • Provides a necessary source of control related statistics valuable for both internal and external audits.


  • MIRAT CMDB increases control with its Monitoring Tool.
  • Increases the reliability of systems by rapid detection and resolving incidents.
  • Check improper configurations which could negatively impact on performance.
  • Define and enforce policies and procedures like assest identification, status monitoring and auditing.
  • IT asset management improves with proactive, preventive, and predicative measures.
  • Accurate analysis of hardware, software, firmware, testing procedures.
  • Provide matrices of complex system and infrastructure.
  • Allow Organizations to manage within it change IT environments.
  • It monitors how components are connected in a system.

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