Running and Managing a website means being acutely aware of servers and network issues as soon as they occur. Servers are the chief support of a organization. A Server monitoring tool is the answer to your server and network issues.To reduce downtime and to ensure at full throttle of website and services, constant monitoring of your server infrastructure and your data center is essential.

A Server monitoring tool can be used to check for issues caused by overloaded or crashed servers, network connections and other devices. A best tool measures response time, availability, memory usage, disk space, CPU usage, and up-time all comes down to the size and complexity of network. Application monitoring is also included and helps track the processes of Apache, MySQL, Cassandra and others.

An ideal monitoring tool will Automate, Notify and Optimize server availability and performance. Monitors the availability, response time, and resource health. Serves you the detailed reports on utilization of CPU, memory, and storage. Serves you the accurate capacity planning report for server infrastructure.

Our Server monitoring tool is a great tool to monitor your servers, it provides detailed information on the health of your servers, gives performance bench-marking, detailed reporting, alerting capabilities, data visualizations, self healing etc. to keep your website and network run smoothly.

Therefore,  Modern Infrastructure Remote Automation Tool (MIRAT) is a single solution for your complete infrastructure management and would be a best system to manage your IT Infrastructure.

Use MIRAT solution for in-depth server performance monitoring capabilities. Sign up for a 30 day free trial now.

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