In ITSM process, first address to people, starts develop a process, then create a technology. The idea behind this generally takes the form of a software solution which captures tickets, routes work, and features of the self-service portal. The best part of these tools to change the collective mindsets of individuals. The difficult part of the process is design and implementation. MIRAT is a next generation ITSM enabled infrastructure tool highly aligned with ITIL. It is the way to design and implementation to resolve things automatically and smoothly.


  • It is a technology trigger to incidents, problems, creating tickets etc.
  • Provides monitoring solutions to trigger incidents or events.
  • ITSM initiates via different tools with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing.
  • Businesses can reduce their costs with ITSM software.
  • Employees of the organization can visualize workflows rapidly and easily.
  • Provides greater efficiency to automate some steps of workflows.
  • It improves your business ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Across the organization, the IT procedures to be standardized and integrated.


MIRAT is a next-generation remote IT infrastructure management application built on sophisticated technologies.

  • Digital: Workflow for repetitive tasks to get ready in a minute.
  • Futuristic: Parametric database driven workflows.
  • Insightful: Considers 95th percentile Trend Scorecard.
  • Predictive: Predicts failures to offer deep insights predictive analytics.
  • Automation: Eliminates human intrusion.
  • MIRAT is a tool having different modules. Each module works like different tool with unique feature as follows.
  • MIRAT is a tool having different modules. Each module works like different tool with unique feature as follows.
  • Asset as a Service: It is like an asset management that you can create any number of assets and can maintain as a repository of information.
  • ITSM Suite: It is embedded with Incident, Change, Problem Management and Workflows.
  • Monitoring: It is useful to creating monitor on each asset that you created.
  • Self-Healing / Orchestration: Configurable calls executed through REST APIs.
  • Triage Live Poll / Admin Tools: You can perform all administrative tasks through this tool on different platforms or databases.
  • Root Cause Analyses: It reveals the status and root case on created assets.

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