IT Service Management (ITSM) is derived from ITIL which is a solution and best practices to the IT enabled sectors. Companies are benefited from the integrated and process-based framework for managing their infrastructure. 

Most of the companies are adopted these processes for their respective teams or organization as a whole to increase efficiency and reduce service management costs. It is a realistic approach to leverage to:

  • Reduce operational expenditure.
  • Improve the service quality.
  • Optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce risk, though good governance.
  • Increase the competitive capability.
  • Uplift of flexibility and agility in delivery of service.

In the present market scenario already existing a number of tools to handle IT needs. Each one used to handle a specific feature of IT. They need to install and learn separately, extra man power needed to handle each tool. Of course, in case of any issues, need to approach the respective vendor of the tool.

Whereas, MIRAT (Modern Infrastructure Remote Accessing Tool) is embedded with all features including ITSM, highly aligned with ITIL, a single window to perform a multiple service like:

  • Dashboard
  • Automation as a service
  • Self-Healing / Orchestration
  • Triage Live Poll / Admin Tools
  • 360o Stack Monitoring
  • Incident / Ticketing system
  • Asset Management
  • Change and Problem Management
  • Work Request
  • Vulnerability
  • Virtual Machine

In addition to above, it looks so simply and works more dynamically, so you can opt it on following grounds.

  • Digital: Workflow for repetitive tasks to get ready in a minute.
  • Futuristic: A parametric database driven workflows.
  • Insightful: Consider 95th percentile Trend Scorecard
  • Predictive: Predict failures to offer deep insights predictive analytics.
  • Automation: Eliminate human intrusion.

Some of the benefits from modules of MIRAT are:

  • Incident module helps to reduce the downtime.
  • Problem management prevents serious business affecting issues.
  • Rejuvenates business quickly from critical operation issues.
  • Monitors the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Helps to reduce the duplication of works.
  • Prevents inconsistency-based wastage with the Change.
  • Its best practices remove the costs duplicate on hardware, hosting, cloud services, etc.

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